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What do we do?

What we do at Creative Kids Preschool:


We offer a school readiness program at our centre. This consists of structured and free play activities in small group areas that develop core strength, gross and fine motor skills, resilience, self-help skills, social skills, maths skills, language/literacy skills, and STEM skills. The children have choices about the activities, and choices about their behaviour. Our behaviour choices are colour coded and are initially explicitly taught so that the children are empowered to make their own decisions about behaviour. 

The documentation of our learning is also an important part of our centre. Children have wonderful imaginations and are continually exploring concepts and language. Our documentation records this learning and shares it with all staff, families and the community. Some of our documentation remains on site, such as community/project books and some is accessible from home through Instagram and Facebook. The children also document their learning through collage, drawings, writing and photos. We value all forms of learning and all the ways in which we can share this learning with others. 

Each Educator builds on their knowledge through professional reading, and development courses. We reflect on our learning, and our teaching, always striving to provide better outcomes for children and families. We use all of our knowledge, plus the knowledge of our peers, culture and community to encourage belonging to the environment, being in the moment and becoming me. 

Critical reflections on our teaching, learning environment, interactions with children and families and our knowledge and the knowledge of families are essential to providing excellent care for children. The feedback that we get from these reflections helps us to build our program and the learning outcomes for children. Through continual assessment of ourselves and our pedagogy, we can enhance the long-term outcomes for children.  

We use the Early Years Learning Framework with our observations and reflections to guide our planning and goals for children. It guides us in creating play based and structured experiences. It helps us to recognise the skills of the whole child and to include the influences of family, culture and community. We respect the children to choose, and make decisions about their environment and activities. We value the input of the children in the planning process to help us provide both relevant and quality care. 

As Early Childhood Educators, we provide the foundations to lifelong learning. We produce environments that create curiosity, wonder, exploration and play. We foster friendships, teach problem solving skills and resilience.  We work to develop secure attachments with children, families and staff, to create trust in our care. We grow together by sharing information and providing quality links to our community. We ensure that our centre is safe and well maintained to build confidence and quality care. All of the Educators are committed to providing fun, varied, interesting, and child-centred learning for each child.

Communication and confidentiality are also paramount to our centre. Most of our communication is verbal, and so staff are trained to be positive, informative and friendly. In this way, our communication develops trust between families and staff, enabling us to raise difficulties when needed. Confidentiality of information is respected and upheld at all times. We work co-operatively with parents to facilitate the best outcomes for their child. When needed, we consult with other professionals in the community, to further strengthen the outcomes for the child and family. 

We run a daily routine which is flexible to the children’s voices and activity’s. Our routine incorporates;

  • A children’s meeting where we share an acknowledgment of country with the children and where children share their thoughts and choices for activities.
  • A language group time for letter and number recognition and articulation, the day of the week, and incorporate Japanese as another language as part of our ELLA program.
  • News time to instil confidence, public speaking and social acceptance.
  • Story time for language growth and to develop a love for reading.
  • A short rest period where a short educational movie is played, or children may choose to read quietly or nap for those children who still have day sleeps.
  • Music time for development of social skills and music exploration.
  • Craft time where children can use their creativity to paint and create sculptures using recycled products and to follow specific instructions to create structured craft pieces.